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(Grow: The Organic Building Game - Overview)

cover photo for the game Grow
I was brought on the Grow: The Organic Building Game in order to launch and promote their Kickstarter campaign. Some of my responsibilities included working with graphic designers to produce our Kickstarter graphics, writing up the Kickstarter description, organizing our presence at conferences, creating press releases, and setting up press appointments.

{Click here to see Grow's Successful Kickstarter Campaign}

Responsibilities: Communications Director

Awards: Tabletop Deathmatch Finalist 2013, IndieCade Finalist 2014

(Grow's Kickstarter Plan)

Grow Kickstarter Campaign Plan from Nina Park

The above presentation outlines our basic strategy for promoting the Kickstarter. For Grow, I drew upon my research and theoretical campaign that I had devised while working on Legend of Hart's Hollow (which is viewable as a slideshow in the Hart's Hollow section further down the page).

{Click here to see Grow's press kit}

As part of my duties, I wrote up and collected the material needed for Grow's press kit. In order to do so, I quickly needed to understand both the game and CriKeT's company culture. After several drafts, the press kit went live and is viewable at the above link.

{Click here to see League of Gamemakers' Article}

Near the end of the campaign, Tap and I did a small postmortem of our experience promoting Grow's Kickstarter at cons. In it, we talk about the preparations we made, the lessons we learned, and outlined solutions to some of our problems should we showcase at cons again. The article is viewable on the League of Gamemakers' blog at the above link.

(Legend of Hart's Hollow - Marketing Overview)

cover photo for the game Hart's Hollow
For Legend of Hart's Hollow, I co-founded a company (Polybot) with 3 other members and was one of 2 producers managing a team of 40 members. Some of the work I did for the game creating a marketing plan focused on Kickstarting the game and pitching the project to console developers at IndieCade.

{Click here for the Hart's Hollow producution blog}

Responsibilities: Producer

Awards: Best Global Game Jam of SCAD 2013

(Kickstarter Marketing Plan)

Legend of Hart's Hollow Kickstarter Marketing Plan from Nina Park

I was responsible for creating a marketing plan for a potential Kickstarter campaign and gathering the materials (except a video) necessary to launch a Kickstarter. The presentation above outlines what we would do 2 months from launch, 1 month from launch, 2 - 3 weeks from launch, launch day, and our post launch upkeep. It outlines strategies on how to get our company's name and our game out there to our target audience. Below is the preview url to the Kickstarter in its current state.

{Click here to see the Kickstarter preview url link}

(LoHH IndieCade Trailer)

The Legend of Hart's Hollow Trailer from Hart's Hollow on Vimeo.

When preparing for IndieCade, my primary responsibility was the creation of the trailer we showcased to Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo at the conference. I had 4 days to complete the trailer, from initial concept to final execution, with the help of our art director (August) and our storyboard artist (Corin).

(LoHH Leave Behind)

In conjunction with Ryan, LoHH's other producer, I created a leave behind for IndieCade which included a printed pitch doc, a printed concept art, all of the leads' business cards, and a CD with all the materials on it, including the trailer.

(Creating the Trailer)

The storyboards for the intro cinematic and the overall trailer were built at the same time, with myself putting stand in images timed to the music while maintaining a constant feedback loop with Corin and August. This way we could expedite the process as we needed a very quick turnaround time.

Stand in images (4 of which are showcased here) I placed helped to plan the timing and mood of the trailer and were later replaced by Corin's storyboards. By having a rendered trailer with the stand ins, I was able to communicate to Corin the rough vision for the trailer.

At approximately 85 boards, the 1st pass at storyboards were too numerous for our needs. At this point, I put the 1st pass storyboards into the trailer and started running screenings to gauge viewers' reactions. Based on viewer feedback, I tweaked the timing of the trailer, increasing the time the boards were on screen at certain points.

After talking to Corin and August, storyboards were cut down from 85 boards to 25 boards. These are the finalized boards that made it into the trailer.

(Savannah College of Art and Design truth® Collaborative Learning Center - Project Overview)

cover photo for the truth® CLC
For the SCAD truth® CLC, myself and 19 others were tasked with being a think tank for the American Legacy Foundation's truth® brand. Our client wanted 2 well polished ideas to be pitched at the end of 10 weeks. As project lead, I drew up schedules and milestones in order to coordinate the diverse team and communicate their expected duties. In addition, I represented the team to our client in our presentations and one of my ideas, The Truth Collective, ultimately was chosen to be pursued further by the company.

Responsibilities: Project Lead

(The Truth Collective Pitch Video)

The Truth Collective Pitch Video from Nina Park on Vimeo.

The initial concept of The Truth Collective was conceived by me, however, I handed off the idea to other team members as I trusted they would do just a good a job as myself pitching the idea. I still oversaw the overall tracking of the video's creation, but focused more on the True Experience as I believed my talents were put to better use there.

(True Experience Pitch Video)

True Experience Pitch Video from Nina Park on Vimeo.

Near the end of the project, I was more involved with the True Experience since I come from a game development background and the pitched app required more knowledge in that field than the The Truth Collective did. I once again ensured that teammates knew of milestones and what tasks needed to be completed by those milestones.

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